With many years of experience, Airnautic now has an expertise in transporting fragile or ‘special’ cargo such as:   

Dangerous cargo

Special cargo explosives


In each Airnautic station, our employees own the “IATA/FIATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Certificate“, delivered by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) after a 4-day training course. You can be assured that your dangerous air cargo will be shipped in the best possible way.

For charter flights, we’ve already operated dangerous forbidden cargo flights, and can successfully satisfy the procedures requested by the different Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), including the French DGAC.

Explosives (Class 1) / Radioactive products (Class 7 )

We do send explosive material for the oil industry or just for fun (fireworks) on a regular basis (either by charter flight or by using a regular service). The transportation also includes the material subject to special permit, authorisations, overfly permits etc..

Sensitive cargo explosives

Airnautic is therefore known and registered by the French Civil Aviation (DGAC) as a service provider for this kind of operations.


Pre-alert sent to the handling agent, prioritary boarding and cargo are treated with considerable care: client satisfaction is indeed an absolute priority to us.


horse transport

We do all our possible to make sure that animals, considered as non-offloading cargo, travel safely on our flights.

Our teams are duly trained and they follow the official IATA courses on a regular basis.

pigs transport

Perishable goods and pharmaceutical products

Just like any sensitive cargo, we care a lot for your perishable goods, and special measures are taken to make sure your shipment goes more than well.

Pick up and door delivery: DDU/Ex works

We also offer you the « Ex Works » service, which includes picking up your cargo directly at the factory. On request, a truck is available daily to take your freight.

The DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) service, that we can assure due to our worldwide freight agents network, ensures you a do door-to-door: cargo is taken directly from the shipper and it is delivered to the consignee.

Transportation of high value good (VAL)

High value good (VAL) transportation

Airnautic has also an expertise in the transportation of high value good (VAL) like bank notes, passeports or even psychotropic in dedicated units (containers).

These dedicated charter  flights are engaged from any point in the world but those goods can also be moved on regular flights also in dedicated units (sealed containers).


In the case of a chartered flight, we might also send one of our staff to attend the loading and unloading until the final destination.

These specific transportations are operated under severe security rules.